Many of us have two realities. We look good on the outside but on the inside we are struggling.  Maybe you are crushing it at work, look good at the gym, but on the inside, you feel like you are falling apart. Or maybe your bank account has never looked better and your social life looks fun and exciting, but the reality is, you feel empty. 

You have personal issues going on in your life that you may not tell anyone about, issues that are private or you keep in the shadows of your life. 
So, we struggle to ask questions to find help.  Questions about doubt or personal issues.  Questions we don’t ask because we fear sounding silly or becoming embarrassed.  We especially feel awkward asking these questions around church.

But if we don’t ask, we won’t find the answers.  That’s why we ask, “for our friend”, better to make our friend look ridiculous then ourselves, right?

Asking For a Friend is a series where we wrestle with some tough questions, we all have, but might not have the courage to ask.