21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

We Are Growing!

At LifeBridge we are considering if God is moving us into a more permanent location. Multiplaza Mall has served us well for many years. We are not opposed to returning there soon, if we sense that God is leading us back there. We want to bridge more lives to Christ and help you become a fully committed follower . Our future location is vital for us to fulfill our mission and calling as a church.

So we are dedicating 21 days to prayer and fasting as a church and we want you to join us in hearing God’s voice.

Why prayer and fasting?

When was the last time you entered an extended time of prayer and fasting for spiritual, relational or missional breakthrough? Throughout the history of God’s people, great leaders reached out to God for a fresh encounter or divine intervention.

Moses (Exodus 24:38), King David (Psalm 35:13), Ezra ( Ezra 8:21-23), Daniel (Daniel 9:3-4), Paul (Acts 9:9), Jesus (Matthew 4:1-2), and many others dedicated themselves to prayer and fasting.

A dedicated time to prayer and fasting will also change YOU.

What breakthrough are you seeking? God’s people all over the world have been seeking spiritual breakthroughs through prayer and fasting since the birth of the church.

What is the great matter in front of you? A loved one far from Christ? A critical decision in the life of your family? A relationship that is falling apart?

We invite you to join us in 21 days of prayer and fasting. Your guide and other resources can be found here.