Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission: Make Heaven More Crowded

Our Vision: Bridge Lives To Christ

We believe that God is calling us to more.  “Infinitely more than we can ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20). God can do more in us and through us as we focus in 3 areas: Generosity, Outreach, and Discipleship

Generosity: Serve more than 2,500 hours in our community generously giving of our time so people will know they are loved and cared for by LifeBridge people.

We want to serve our community outside of Sunday mornings.  Show them that they are cared for and loved.  We want them to not only know but see them but also that God loves them.  And we can show them that by serving them more.

Outreach: Reach our community with more than 25 events in which people have such a good time that they return or attend a Sunday Service.

Everybody is looking for something to do.  More people to connect with, more fun things to do with others.  No one says I have too many friends.  And we want to create places for more community and more outreach to happen.  With the desire that they will return and eventually hear the life changing power of the gospel.  More outreach.

Discipleship: Invest in more than 50% of LifeBridge congregation with some form of personal discipleship so that they can disciple someone else. 

if we are not making disciples.  We are just a community service.  If we are not making disciples, we are just a charity.  A church that pursues the great commission is fulling the great commission of making disciples who make disciples. In Matthew 28 believers are to “go and make disciples”.  We desire to make disciples who go and make disciples.