Why Prayer and Fasting?

When was the last time you entered an extended time of prayer and fasting for spiritual, relational or missional breakthrough? Throughout the history of God’s people, great leaders reached out to God for a fresh encounter or divine intervention.

Moses, in seeking a spiritual breakthrough, spent 40 days alone with God without eating or drinking until he received The Ten Commandments (Exodus 24:38).

King David sought a personal breakthrough as he fasted to keep himself humble (Psalm 35:13).

Ezra was seeking a breakthrough as he called God’s people to fast and pray for protection against their enemies (Ezra 8:21-23).

Daniel fasted and prayed as he sought a restorative breakthrough for the exiled people living in rebellion against their God (Daniel 9:3-4).

The apostle Paul fasted as he pondered his breakthrough encounter with the risen Lord Jesus and what it meant for his life (Acts 9:9).

The leaders of the church in Antioch worshiped, prayed and fasted together as they sought missional breakthrough for their thriving church (Acts 13:1-3).

Our Savior, setting the supreme example, entered 40 days of fasting before launching his public ministry (Matthew 4:1-2).

What breakthrough are you seeking?

God’s people all over the world have been seeking spiritual breakthroughs through prayer and fasting since the birth of the church. What is the great matter in front of you? A loved one far from Christ? A critical decision in the life of your family? A relationship that is falling apart?

What great matters are in front of your church or ministry? An evangelistic outreach? A fnancial crisis? A leadership transition? Missional expansion?

Take time to write down each needed breakthrough and lift them up to God in prayer.

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